Petro Arses Kish Ltd Company, as the representative of Monting (Germany) and Elcom (Bosnia) companies, is ready to provide engineering and executive services and supply requirements in relation to Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries with its wide potentials as follows:


A. Industrial Automation (SIEMENS, ABB, SCHNIDER, ALSTOM)

1. SCADA systems in various industries (EPC, E, P, C)

2. PLC systems

3. Optimization of SCADA and PLC systems

4. Providing system’s software and hardware


B. Supplying Equipment

1. Providing SIEMENS company gas turbines Gas Turbine generator-SGT models & others

2. Providing spare parts of various turbines

3. Providing compressors of QUINCY Co. USA

Date :  1394/7/22
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