Process Control / Field instruments


  PressureVacuum Relief

§  PVRVs are designed to vent to atmosphereto protect your tank from damage created by over-pressure or excessive vacuum.Costly product evaporation losses due to normal tank "breathing" aregreatly reduced. Because the Model 1200A retains toxic vapors, atmosphericcontamination is minimized. This helps to provide increased fire protection andsafety.


Product Features

o Sizes 2" through 12"

o Pressure settings 0.5 oz/in2 to 15 PSIG

o Vacuum settings 0.5 oz/in2 to 12 PSIG

o Available in aluminum (type 356), carbon steel,stainless steel, fiberglass, and other materials

o Modular construction


   PneumaticField Instruments

o  Field mounted instruments provide monitoringand control to final control devices. Transducers, controllers, volumeboosters, solenoids and switches are used to monitor and control flow,temperature, and pressure and level variables in the process industry.



§  The pneumatic level controllers sense thelevel of a liquid or a liquid-to-liquid interface, compare the level with adesired value (set point) and produce a pneumatic signal that can operate anactuator control valve. By operating an actuator and valve, the controllermaintains level at a value around set point.



§  We bring our valve expertise, advanceddesign tools and modern manufacturing technologies to applications in oil andgas, power generation, refining, petrochemical and water control industries. Tooptimize valve installations, we offer valve asset management software andlifecycle support services.



§  We offer pressure and flow controlproducts and solutions in three broad categories — industrial gas and liquids,natural gas and propane gas.

Thisenables the valves to be adapted to the most difficult requirements under themost adverse conditions. The modularity additionally reduces costs of spareparts, installation and maintenance, which leads to significant total cost ofownership savings.


  Pilotoperated relief valves

§  Pilot-Operated Relief Valve is used toreplace weight-loaded or spring loaded valves in many applications to increaseefficiency and reduce evaporation losses. Several advantages are obtained overthe traditional type. For example, the process pressures may be closer to theset pressure than would be considered prudent and safe with the traditionalvalve. Additionally, greater conservation is obtained due to minimum productloss which in turn provides increased profits. 


Product Features

o Sizes 2" through 12"

o Choice of aluminum, carbon steel, stainlesssteel, or special materials for the main body

o Pressure settings 2" W.C. - 15 PSIG

o Vacuum settings .05 oz/in2. - 12 PSIG

o Ease of precision settings

o Only the pilot needs to be set

o Lower profile and weight than spring operatedmodels for high settings

o Remote pilot sensing option allows the pilot tosense the true system pressure

o Remote or manual blowdown available

o Full open at less than 10% overpressure

o Modulating action conserves product since valveopening is proportional to overpressure

o Soft seats seal tight to conserve product andminimize valve wear which improves reliability

o Reduces maintenance costs since the valve can becompletely serviced without removal from its mounting


 EmergencyRelief Valve

§  Emergency Pressure Relief Valve isdesigned to provide emergency relief capacity beyond that furnished by thenormal operating pressure relief valve on the tank. The valve protects the tankagainst rupture or explosion that could result from excessive internalpressures caused by fire, etc. As excessive pressure builds up, Model 2000Arelieves, then reseats when overpressure has been dissipated.


Product Features

o Sizes 16", 20", and 24"

o Pressure settings 1.5 - 16 oz/in2

o Vacuum settings 0.5 - 4 oz/in2

o Available in carbon steel, stainless steel,fiberglass, and other materials

o Easy access manway combined with emergencyrelief


   RuptureDiscs / Bursting Discs

§  Rupture Discs (Bursting Discs) functionas a pre-designed "weak point" in a pressurized system, and theyshould be the strongest part of your pressure protection system. ContinentalDisc rupture discs (bursting discs) utilize innovative, patented designs, thehighest quality materials from traceable sources, and ISO 9001 manufacturingprocedures performed by skilled craftsmen.


   Flame& Detonation Arresters

§  Flame Arrester is designed to inhibitflame and deflagration propagation in gas piping systems and to protect lowpressure tanks containing flammable liquids. Arresters protect low flash pointliquids from externally caused sources of heat and ignition. This providesincreased fire protection and safety.

Product Features

o Sizes 2" through 60"

o Available in carbon steel, stainless steel,aluminum (type 356), and other materials

o Wafer design for quick and easy maintenance

o Unique recessed seating for superior protection

o Factory Mutual approval for most sizes andmaterials

o Proven spiral wound, crimped ribbon, flameelement



§  Spiral wound gaskets (maxiflex)

§  Kamm profile gaskets (maxiprofile)

§  Metal jacketed gaskets

§  Metal ring joint gaskets

§  Asbestos - free soft cut gaskets

§  Flexible graphite sheet products

§  Steel re-inforced rubber gaskets

§  Flange insulation kits

§  Compression packing & o-rings

§  Custom made gaskets




§  We provide the most comprehensive rangeof Liquid level gauges suitable for the varied needs of the modern processplant. Used by most major process operators, engineering contractors and OEM’sthroughout the world.

§  Our proven Magnetic Level Gauge which isparticularly suitable for duties where dangerous and toxic liquids or gases areinvolved


o Liquid Level Gauges

o Magnetic Level Gauges

o Sight Glasses

o Process Level Gauges

o Steam Level Gauges


     Flanges& Pipe Fitting

§  We could supply in various sizes carbonsteel, stainless steel, alloy steel, pure aluminum seamless bents, tees andcrosses, reducers, caps, etc., and plate Butt-Welding pipe fittings meetinginternational standards.


      IndustrialHeating Products & System

§  Immersion Heaters

§  Circulation Heaters

§  Process Air Heaters

§  Comfort Air Heaters

§  Heat Transfer System

§  Large Tank Heaters

§  Boilers and Steam Generators

§  Load Banks

§  Power Control Panels