Petro Arses Kish Co.as a General Trading company specialized in Industry equipment will provide services as:

                 Ø  Engineering & Design


-       Possessing specialized and masterly skills in Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering and Design Services in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Refineries, Power and Water. HEXA has manned with substantial supply of expert resources in Conceptual Design, Pre-FEED and FEED.

 Ø  Procurement

-       Right suppliers; right way at right time: hence the modus operandi goes at our procurement wing. Authentic equipment manufacturers are always sourced. The unique service thus translated into the utmost satisfaction at the clients' end. 

          Ø  Construction & Installation

-       Perfection and precision without parallels as we could boast of our construction and installation services. Let it be offshore or onshore, dedications to the said values are always kept atop. We have skilled technicians and qualified and experienced engineers to perform every sort of construction and installation works in a noteworthy way.

 Ø  Testing & Commissioning


-       Testing and commissioning play leading role in every projects. Our state-of-the art testing and commissioning system has all equipped to meet the needs of our clients. We assign a team of high-caliber technicians to the site who could conduct diverse sort of tests and examinations to ensure that all systems are commissioned, conforming to the standards required by the client.