We have been a supplier of different type of cables for Oil and GasIndustries like:

1.    Power and control cables is used in machinery, machine tools,system and appliance engineering, measuring, control, heating and airconditioning technologies. For permanent connections or in cable chains,halogen-fee or internationally certified, you can choose from our comprehensiverange of standard products.






2.    Optical transmission systems are designed to transfer large volumesof data. Communications media via fibre optics are fast, efficient, and secure.





3.    Cable glands guaranteesecure connections every time. Simply thread the cable and twist.





4.    Protective Cable Conduit systems :In many applications cables have to beadditionally protected against mechanical and chemical stress.




5.    Data communication systems full range of data cables for fast andsecure transfers of large volumes of data. From machine electronics and bussystems to super-fast LAN data networks or highly-versatile applications



6.    Industrial connectors produce an absolutely secureconnection.




7. Cable marking products: provides leading products for accurate markingand locating of critical buried network features.