Sodium Sulfide 60% │ Na₂S

Ethanoic acid │ Methane carboxylic acid

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Sodium Sulfide is a yellow solid compound in flaky shape which can be found in anhydrous and hydrate forms. Sodium Sulfide with chemical formula of Na2S is soluble in water and slightly soluble in alcohols. It can be easily oxidized when exposed to air. It has a distinct smell similar to rotten eggs. Sodium Sulfide is widely used in as flocculants, coloration agent and tanneries processes, oxygen scavenger in water treatment process, toning agent in photography of photographs, desulfurization agent in textile industry and even oil recovery operations.

Due to increasing demands for clean water, the market growth of Sodium sulfide is estimated to be in a rising trend around the world.


Production Method:

Na2S is majorly produced by chemical reduction of Sodium Sulfide.

Na2SO4 + 2C → Na2S + 2CO2

In addition, Na2S also can be prepared by sulfur reduction along with sodium in ammonia in small scales.

2Na + S → Na2S


Store in a dry and dark location, avoid exposure to direct sun light. Max. storage temperature 40°C


Sodium sulfide is predominately kraft process in the pulp and paper industry. Other applications can include use in water treatment, chemical photography, textile and leather industry and as chemical intermediate in a wide variety of industrial processes.

  • Leather Industry: Main application of sodium sulfide is in leather industry as “Liming & Unhairing Agent” in the liming process of leather production.
  • Ore Mining: Na2S is utilized in ore mining and ore processing. It is estimated that usage of sodium sulfide in this industry has an increasing trend.
  • Water Treatment: Sodium sulfide is used as Oxygen-Scavenger in water treatment as an effective flocculent and metal precipitant agent.
  • Photography Industry: Sodium sulfide is used in toning of black and white photographs.
  • Petroleum industry: Extraction of petroleum and oil recovery operations are the other application of sodium sulfide.
  • Pulp and paper industry: Na2S is utilized in kraft process of pulp and paper industry.
  • Textile industry: Na2S can be used as desulfurization chlorine & bleaching agent in textile industry.
  • Dye production: It is used in production of vegetable dyes and sulfur dyes.
  • Intermediate in chemicals production and processing: Na2S is used in producing rubbers, detergents, and agriculture products as sulfonation and sulfomethylation agent. It is also used as auxiliary in producing Cellulose materials.

Safety tips

Sodium Sulfide 60% Flakes is classified as a dangerous product. It is corrosive to metals and contact with the skin and eyes can cause burns. It is toxic if swallowed and is very toxic to aquatic life. Contact with acids must be avoided. In contact with acids, the toxic gas Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) can be released. For more information regarding handling, transport and first aid please refer to our Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

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